Totton Spiritualist Church
Working with Spirit
Working with Spirit
Healing - Circles

Healing Services and for Information on the Circles held
at this church see below

Healing every MONDAY evening starting at 7.00 pm

With our resident healers : Vicky Saunders, Barry King & Kristian Woodhall.

No appointment necessary - just come in and see us

Donations accepted
(They help keep the doors of our church open, thank you )

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Spiritualist Healing


Spiritualist Healing is healing by use of forces and energies from
the world of spirit, channelled through the healing medium by
the laying on of hands on or near the body. It is also channelled by
prayer or the direction of thought from a distance.

Spiritualist Healers do not heal, they allow the healing energy to
pass through them. It is a simple and gentle act of committal to
aid suffering in mankind and animals alike, and every place
where there is a need.

Spiritualist Healers are aware that the healing energies which pass
through them to the patient,being spiritual in character, first find
the soul/spirit of the patient from where most of the disease/
disharmony originates.  The patients’ own being is then awakened to
its responsibilities to its physical body and commences to return it to
a state of harmony within itself, and with the entire universe.

In this way the patient is, in effect, acknowledging and continuing
the healing process, and progressing onwards towards wellness. 
If you have received the healing energies, you may be able to recognize
this calming and harmonizing effect, which can continue and permeate
the other inner levels of being, finally reaching the outer physical body.

Although no promise of an ultimate cure is given, it is often seen that
the first effects of Spiritualist Healing can be loss of pain, tranquillity,
and a more positive attitude.  All of which are indicators that the healing
energies are aiding the patient to help themselves become well again.


Many people believe Spiritualist Healing and Faith Healing are the same, and this
is incorrect. Faith can play a part, particularly by the patient, but there is more to it
than that.  Suffice to say that children, who may not know much about faith, and animals,with whom we are unable to communicate verbally, have all enjoyed remarkableimprovements in conditions upon receipt of the healing energies.  Those people too, on beds of sickness, and other recipients of absenthealing thoughts have all benefited aswell without ever knowing that the healing energies have been directed to them.

Spiritualist Healing is conducted under the auspices of the Spiritualists’ National Union, to which all healing channels belong, either by membership of a church or individual membership of the union. Confidence is now being given to SNU Healing by the medical profession and it is important that each healing channel continues to act responsibly and selflessly.  

Each Spiritualist Healer is aware of the Code of Conduct (issued by the SNU Executive Committee) and the importance of working within its confines.  The basis of which is the law of the land and nature, medical ethics and their policies, insurance and advertising.
Spiritualist Healing is not offered as an alternative to orthodox medicine but is complementary to it.  People who are under medical care should always continue with the treatment their doctor has prescribed.

The above is an outline of Spiritualist Healing, for more information please contact one of the receptionists (who are available during the Healing Sessions) and they will be able to arrange for you to talk with one of the healing channels who may be free. Or if you wish to discuss anymatter further in depth, concerning the laying on of hands, absent healing, the Code of Conduct etc. 



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Open Circle we are currently looking at options for Open circles
Everyone is Welcome  





Open circle held every other tbc - Everyone is welcome 
- session is £
Arrive for 07:10 starts prompt at 07:30  




Anyone wishing to attend can contact the church through our facebook page,

or by telephone.

Closed circles are limited to church members only, however, it can be arranged for 
applicants to join the church  before the starting date.


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 Circle - 

A gathering of people who wish to communicate with the spirit world. 

 Development - Circle 


 A circle held on a regular basis 

for the purpose of developing psychic and spiritual gifts.

Closed Circle - Members of Totton Spiritualist Church - Invitation only.
Anyone can apply to be a member of our church and their application is considered by the church committee prior to acceptance.  If they are successful they will undergoan introduction course before being invited to attend a New Member Service to be formally accepted as a member. Invitation to join a closed is at the discretion of the Circle Leader; however anyone may
attend the Open Circle Leader for consideration as a Closed Circle member.